Counseling Services Offered

The School Counselor's approach is to provide tools and strategies for academic, social, and emotional growth.  Using a 3 tiered approach, services are delivered using the following as a guide: 
Class Lessons -
Direct instruction with the assistance of school staff, social, emotional ,and academic skills are delivered across all grade levels, to every student.  School wide initiatives, like the Core Values, provide the structure and expectations for all students.
Small Group Counseling -
Topic specific strategies for students who need additional support to be successful. Just like a basic skills teacher will implement strategies to support students struggling to understand math concepts, students who struggle with emotional learning or academic skills benefit from extra support.
Topics include: stress management, student success skills, family changes, and social skills.
Individual Planning -
Meetings with an individual student is centered around a specific problem that they would like to solve.  2-3 meetings are scheduled.  *If problem does not resolve itself, TIER 3 may be suggested.
In-School & Community Referrals - 
Without additional supports, students can fall behind.  Examples of Tier 3 interventions for school counselors include suicide prevention, threat assessment, or collaboration and consultation with outside agencies.