Mr. Karakashian's Message

Picture of Chairville School
When I walk into school, I bring my experiences as a student, teacher and parent with me. I think about my best teachers, the ones that reached me, whose words and lessons are still with me today. I think about the students in my class that I was lucky enough to teach, and how much I wish I could still be in the classroom. The inspirational leadership of former principals and superintendents helped me grow into an educational leader that absorbs the wisdom of my colleagues.  As a father, I think about what I want school to be for my own children. These collective experiences are the sum of who I am and help me lead from the heart.
A school should reflect the best version of the community it serves. It is not enough to be a part of the community, it is our duty as educators to be our best so that we can rise above expectations. We recognize the strengths of others and the opportunities they provide to help us tackle our individual challenges. We learn from each other. If students, educators and parents work together, nothing is impossible when we put children first.
John Karakashian,
Chairville Principal