Chairville Core Values

Our core values are how we should behave each day we go to school and in our everyday life.  



How can you show respect?

Be honest – If you do something wrong, admit it, and apologize.

Be positive – Don’t embarrass, insult, or make fun of anyone. Compliment them.

Be Trusting – Make good choices and take responsibility.

Be fair – Listen to your friend’s side of the story before reaching a conclusion.

Be polite – Use “please” and “thank you”.

Be reliable – Keep promises. Show your friend that you mean what you say.

Be a good listener – Give your friend your full attention.



How can you show responsibility?

Ask yourself:

 I do what needs to be done. 

 I am reliable and dependable.

 I am accountable for my actions; I don't make excuses or blame others.  

 I fulfill my moral obligations. 

 I use good judgment and think through the consequences of my actions.

 I exercise self-control



How can you show trustworthiness?

Be honest

Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal

Be reliable and do what you say you’ll do

Have the courage to do the right thing

Build a good reputation

Be loyal to your family and friends



How can you show kindness?

Be nice

Be compassionate and show you care

Express gratitude- say thank you

Forgive others

Help people in need



How can you show fairness?

Play by the rules

Take turns and share

Be open-minded; listen to others

Don’t take advantage of others

Don’t blame others carelessly

Treat all people fairly



How can you show integrity?

I always try to do what is right, even when it is costly or difficult

I am true to my very best self

I live up to the highest ethical standards

I don't compromise my values by giving in to temptation.